Melodies in Our Heart

Here you can access some files which reflect a publishing effort which has been going on for about 15 years. One hymnal has been published under the title Melodies in Our Heart. I’ve been able to accumulate more material for a second publication. Now all I have to do is whip up the energy / enthusiasm. We’ll see. . . In the mean time, I hope you will find things that will be refreshing.

ReaderIn order to view and play these files you will need to use a Finale Reader, a freeware reader by Finale. Also these files are accessible through the fine musical notation programs available through FinaleMusic. I’m not certain if the shapenote font, EngraverFontExtras, is available in all of Finale Music’s programs. I assume it is.

Here is the copyright information:

These hymns are intended for singing to the glory of God. They may be copied for this use and this use only. The author(s) reserve(s) the right to grant or withhold permission for the use of these songs if these songs are used in any way for profit, commercial venture, or where an exchange of money is involved, such as for fund-raising events, or charities. In such a case you are required by law to seek permission from the author or authors of the song. The following Finale files and any copies thereof, fall under the above stipulations.

1. I Know it Was the Blood

2. Psalm 71:1-3

3. Faith, Hope, & Charity

4. For Me

5. The Fear of God is Clean

6. Fear Thou Not

7. Greater Than His Own

8. Make Me Sensitive

9. I Need You

10. Some Water for the Garden of Your Soul

11. Called By the Gospel

12. Discovery

13. Keeper of My Soul

14. Mercy

15. On to Zion

16. Heavenly Father

17. How Many Moments

18. The Beloved Son

19. Homeland

20. When You Come Back

21. Be Serious

22. Jesus My Confidant

23. Praise God

24. One Step More

25. It’s An Old House

26. Risen

27. Help Us Lord

28. Lord, I Give My Life

29. All That Live Godly

30. True Friends

31. Stay By Me Lord

32. Jesus Christ, Lamb for Your Soul

33. Jesus, How I Love Your Name

34. Across the River

35. Romans 13:7

36. Jesus, My Praise to Thee

37. Hebrews 12:3-4

38. Comfort Us O Spirit

39. Water of Life

40. Jeremiah

41. Psalm 20:9-7

42. We Should Love

43. Rejoice!!

44. Psalm 103:1-5

45. Seasons

46. Psalm 121

47. Give Ear to My Words Oh Lord

48. Sharon’s Song

49. His Majesty

50. Streets of Gold

51. I Have a Prayer

52. Psalm 133:1

53. Procession

54. Listen Closely

55. Where the Smiles Replace the Tears

56. Follow the Savior

57. Good Shepherd

58. Day of Salvation

59. God’s Perfect Love

60. Dear God

61. Ask of Me

62. Psalm 2:1-6

63. Psalm 104:33

64. Sing a Song

65. House of Bread

66. Bought with a Price

67. A Mansion

68. He’s My Rock

69. She Who Is Loved

70. Where Should My Feet Go Now?

71. Go To The Lord In Prayer

72. Isaiah 53 Adapted

73. Beautiful Esther

74. Abraham

75. The Depth of God’s Love

76. Who Jesus Is

77. Crucified

78. Shelter

79. Thoughts From 1st Timothy

80. Wisdom Is Better

81. Jesus Will Carry You Through

82. Repentance

83. We Praise the Lord

84. Lift Up Your Eyes

85. Forgive Them

86. After the Storm

87. How Long Will It Be?

88. Open the Door

89. Great is the Lord

90. Going Over Jordan

91. Lord You Are Worthy

92. Hosanna

93. I Thirst

94. God of Mercy

95. When I Pray

96. In these Last Days

97. Unity

98. High Priest

99. Stepping Stones of Faith

100. Father of Lights

101. Oh The Joy

102. I Love You Lord

103. Are You There

104. Faith

105. Walking

106. I Am Leaving

107. There is Hope

108. This Prayer We Sing

109. Love Is the Key

110. I Heard the Old Old Story

111. All Things Under His Feet

112. Adam Gave Names

113. We Will Sing (Baker)

114. Blessed Lord

115. I Thank You Lord (Your Only Son)

116. Pastures so Green

117. Make a Joyful Noise

118. Do You Know About Jesus?

119. Take Your Place

120. Jesus Answered

121. The Gospel of Praise

122. Seek Ye First

123. To Whom Shall We Go?

124. He Dwelleth Not (In Temples)

125. Look Ahead

126. Jehovah

127. I Change Not

128. Come Quickly

129. I Need the Lord

130. God Hold Me Near Your Heart

131. I Yield

132. Redemption

133. I Am Yours

134. Gethsemane

135. The One Who Is

136. Fullness

137. Nothing Can Harm the Heart

138. We Will Sing (Langston)

139. Raise Your Hands

140. Calling

141. Suffer the Children

142. Keep Me Lord

143. Unto You, O Lord

144. Unworthy Am I

145. Paid

146. Some Sweet Day by and By

147. Burden

148. How Excellent

149. Running

150. A Chosen Generation

151. Wonder

152. Psalm 100

153. Joyfully We Praise You Lord

154. Hear Him

155. Love Not the World

156. That Day Is Coming

157. True Vision

158. Jesus Man of Galilee

159. He Shall Come

160. Save Me

The next group of files are a few of the ones pending publication. The copyright stipulations apply here also.

So . . . a little of Melodies In our Heart II:

Shirley Cox

Love Song For Jesus

Precious Name of Jesus

Special Prayer

Till Life’s Battles Be Won

David Dickerson

Ephesians 5:18 & IThesalonians 5:18

Louis Garbi

Unto Us a Child is Born

Come On Home

He Comes


Proverbs 1:7

Proverbs 4:7

Proverbs 8:17

Proverbs 15:31

Proverbs 16:16

Psalm 23 (A)

Psalm 23 (B)

Psalm 23 (C)

Marc Hermon

I Know He Can Calm the Sea

His Voice

The 23rd Psalm

Psalm 116

Cherris Lehman

Dear Lord

Heaven’s Shores

God the Son

God’s Angels

Child of Mercy


Soldier for the Lord

Steve Wright

Be Still

Day Is At Hand

3 thoughts on “Melodies in Our Heart”

  1. Louis, do you have a song called “Precious Jesus” in your collection that isn’t published? I have only one copy and I was hoping to find it in your safe keeping.
    I appreciate any help you can give me.
    In Him,

  2. Louis,
    I am thinking about undertaking the task of converting these .mus files into power points to be used on projection systems. I tried using power points to lead the song service last night and the difference in singing when everyone is looking up is absolutely amazing. We are planning on doing some things with this for the 2014 Two Week meeting. What is your e-mail? I will send you a few once I work it out to get your comments. Anyway, I had some problems downloading some of the files here:

    49 His Majesty: it has the wrong link but I guessed the correct link and got the file
    61 Ask of Me
    74 Abraham
    77 Crucified
    83 We Praise the Lord
    Cherris: Heaven’s Shores
    Steve W: Day is at Hand

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